The Kansas Meadowlark

December 19, 2004

Sebelius, as Kansas Legislator, 
Blocked New Laws to Protect Unborn Babies

Murdered moms and unborn babies have been a central part of two recent news stories:

The recent ghastly murder of a mom in Missouri is troubling to everyone. Many in Kansas are shocked and troubled that a woman from Melvern, Kansas admitted committing the crime in Missouri.  How could anyone commit such a horrific murder, kidnap a baby born through violence, and then show off the stolen baby the very next day?

An article in today's Washington Post, and reported by MSNBC, suggests that killings of new, expectant mothers mount but these crimes are poorly understood by the public and not accounted for well by police.

In Kansas we should not forget how radical Governor Kathleen Sebelius’ views are on this matter.  In 1989 Sebelius agreed with a Kansas Supreme Court ruling that killing a fetus was not a crime:

Killing fetus not crime, court rules, 
Wichita Eagle,
October 28, 1989

When legislators considered a new law to give an unborn child protection under criminal statues (which the Kansas Supreme Court said was within the power of the legislature), Democrat State Representative Kathleen Sebelius was a member of the House Judiciary Committee.  Sebelius was instrumental in blocking any new law to protect unborn children. 

Why would Sebelius be against such a new law?  Sebelius was against protecting  unborn children under criminal statutes because such statutes would establish a point at which a fetus is considered a human being.  Democrat Sebelius cared less about protecting vulnerable pregnant women and their unborn babies, and cared more about contributors to the Democratic Party in Kansas and Democratic Candidates.  Sebelius was trying to protect abortion rights providers, and in particular, Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, who is a well-known 3rd trimester abortionist, and major political contributor.

Dr. Tiller could have easily aborted the same “fetus” that has miraculously survived being born during a violent crime, and kidnapped and taken from Missouri to Kansas.    Why is everyone horrified by this murder, birth, and kidnapping, but when an 8-month fetus is slaughtered by Dr. Tiller in Wichita that is merely a "choice," and only "extremists" are concerned?

It’s bad enough that 3rd trimester abortions are occurring on a daily basis in Wichita, but the money from these expensive procedures is finding its way into Kansas politics and the press is blind to that.  Why did Dr. Tiller spend nearly $300,000 in 2002 on politics?  Much of Tiller's 2002 money went to preventing Phill Kline from becoming Attorney General.   The 2004 tally of Dr. Tiller's political money is still not complete, but it's clear that Tiller and his ProKanDo PAC channeled secret money to influence a number of Kansas Senate races.

Dr. Tiller's political money isn’t the biggest scandal here.  The biggest scandal is the press ignoring the political money story, especially the Kansas City Star and the Topeka Capital Journal.  A few newspapers have been responsible and reported this story, such as the Lawrence Journal World, the Wichita Eagle and the Salina Journal.  Why is the Kansas press afraid to report political money that is tied to Dr. Tiller?  Only Tom Bell at the Salina Journal in his Aug 4, 2003 commentary mentioned the failure of the Kansas press: 

Blood money.  There is no better way to describe the $153,000 contribution abortion doctor George Tiller made to political action committees in the final days of the 2002 election for attorney general.

. . .

Imagine a business so profitable one can afford a $153,000 contribution to preserve one's income. Imagine the number of aborted lives represented in that sum.

. . .

It is also troubling that this story was overlooked by the state's media, including reporters for Harris News Service, a statewide service partially funded by the Salina Journal. Tiller's contribution finally came to light after a Kline supporter raised a ruckus.

Even with the silent press, not everyone has been blind to the Sebelius/Tiller connection over the years.  The late  Catholic Archbishop Ignatius Strecker of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas noticed Kathleen Sebelius over a decade ago:

The Silent and Suffering Church in Kansas
The Leaven, March 27, 1992

"Rep. Kathleen Sebelius of Topeka led the death-march of the unborn to the abortion clinics in the House of Representatives. She was attempting to make the 'death-marches' to the abortion clinics as legal as the death-marches to the gas chambers of the World War II Holocaust."
"What assurance have we, their electors, that these same persons will not use this same legislative forum to vote away other human, social and legal rights that are a part of our 'inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'. How soon will these legislators vote a mandatory death sentence for the sick, the aging, the poor in society? How could we Kansans have elected such 'negative to life' persons to such responsible positions in our state government?"

Why is the Kansas press afraid of letting the public know the truth about Catholic Governor Kathleen Sebelius?


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