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Oct 18, 2006

Who's behind the "Progress Kansas" Receiving $25,000 from Liberal Missouri Group?
Why was address conveniently left out of Missouri report?
Why must we find Kansas political money reported in Missouri before Kansas?

Missouri has better campaign reporting laws than Kansas, so their most recent reports are now online. Their reporting period ended Oct 15, 2006. 

Campaign reports in Kansas are not due until Oct 30, 2006. Thank you, Governor Sebelius, for your veto preventing the strengthening of campaign contribution reporting in Kansas!  Does Sebelius really want Kansans to know how political money is spent only after an election is over?  Why is her name on the report below of Missouri money buying into Kansas politics? 

The Greater Kansas City, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, a left-leaning, liberal group, has spent years trying to get Kansas tax dollars to flow into Missouri (e.g., in 2002 and 2004) through various bistate taxes.  All of these bistate projects are setup so there is little accountability to voters of how money is spent, with Missouri always benefiting from the proposed projects far more than Kansas. 

In this most recent political reporting cycle, the Greater Kansas City Chamber PAC did not raise much money, but this Missouri group gave contributions to various liberal candidates throughout Kansas.  What exactly is this Missouri group's interest in State Reps in Salina, Wichita, Great Bend, or Pratt?  Or, Governor Sebelius?  This Missouri group is supporting candidates who will support higher taxes with little accountability.  Shouldn't that concern more Kansas voters?

Also on the Chamber's report is a  mysterious $25,000 contribution given to “Progress Kansas.”   I'm sure it was an "accident" but no address was given for "Progress Kansas.". Isn’t it convenient that “clerical errors” happen on this large expenditures to hide who is getting the money?

Why is "Progress Kansas" not listed on the Kansas Government Ethics Commission's list of PACs in Kansas?  

Why is "Progress Kansas" not listed on the IRS site of known political groups? Where is their IRS 8871 filing?

Why is there a good chance the Kansas Press will not bother finding out about this mysterious group, "Progress Kansas"?

Link to full report from Missouri Ethics Commission

So why do I say the Greater Kansas City Chamber is a liberal group?  Look at the Kansas State Rep candidates this Missouri group is endorsing and sending money to (in same order as above report):

Only Steve Lukert (District 62) and Bill Light (District 124) were endorsed by the conservative NRA group, which supports one's constitutional right to bear arms.  Most of the candidates above DO NO SUPPORT THE 2nd Amendment!

Only Bill Light (District 124) was endorsed by Kansans for Life PAC.  

Only Kay Wolf (District 21) and Bill Light (District 124) were endorsed by the Kansas Chamber, a pro-Kansas business group.  

Based on endorsements of NRA, KRA, and the Kansas Chamber, it's curious why Bill Light received money from the Kansas City Missouri Chamber's PAC.  Bill Light is one name that probably should not be on the list above. 

Why should Kansans care what the pro-Missouri Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce PAC  thinks?  Shouldn't we be more concerned about what the pro-Kansas Kansas Chamber thinks?  Why should Kansans support any candidate listed above receiving money from the Greater Kansas City, Missouri Chamber PAC, when this Missouri group is looking for a quid pro quo from these candidates so Kansas tax dollars can flow to Missouri?


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