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Oct 23, 2006
(updated Oct 29, 2006)

Snoop Dog I

Is Dr. Tiller's ProKanDo PAC Behind Hit Piece by "Kansans for Consumer Privacy"?
Sneaky Political Money Methods from 2002 Return to Kansas?

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"It's time to put Snoop Dog on a leash."  Click here to see the complete mailing, which was a 4-page, 8.5x11" piece, sent to some residents in Douglas, Shawnee and Sedgwick Counties, and perhaps others.  

A mysterious "Snoop Dog" anti-Phill Kline political mailing has been received in parts of Kansas from a mysterious group with a Wichita address:

Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection
6505 E. Central #106
Wichita, KS  67206

The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission shows NO PAC with this name, and nothing at that address.  It's not clear how Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection can legally be sending out political hit pieces before their name shows up on the list of Kansas political action committees.  

Update (10/25):  The Lawrence Journal-World reports"The group has not registered with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission. It doesn't have to because it is not specifically advocating voting for or against a candidate."  Huh?  This was an "educational" piece by a  non-profit group?  This is a truly incredible way to help a candidate and be immune from reporting political contributions.  Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection might file an IRS 990 in a year or so if they spent more than $25,000. 

[The only political group near this address is the Kansas Equality Coalition of Wichita and Sedgwick County, an LGBT PAC, at at different suite in the same building:  6505 E Central #219, Wichita.]  

No IRS 8871 can be found for a "527" with the name "Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection."

A clue can be found from the Kansas Secretary of State's Business Entity Search:

555 N Woodlawn St.
Suite 215
WICHITA, KS 67208 

Close Corp []
Tax Year End [12]
Date of Incorporation [08/28/2006]
Last Correct Annual Report [00/0000]
Next Annual Report Due Date [06/15/2008]
Extension [00/00/0000]
Forfeiture [09/15/2008]
Expiration [12/31/9999]
State/Country Formation [KS]

Business Entity Type
Business Entity Status

So why doesn't the address of the "Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection, Inc" corporation match the return address of their political mailing?

A search of recent 527 contributions by ProKanDo to the Young Democrats of America (see below) shows the address 555 N Woodlawn, Suite 215, Wichita.  This is the address of Dr. Tiller's ProKanDo PAC.

. . .

Not convinced this is the ProKanDo address?  The online phone directory, Switchboard, gives this address and phone number for ProKanDo:

Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection  has the same address as the ProKanDo PAC, and very likely is being funded from common financial contributors, if not Dr Tiller and/or ProKanDo directly.  Because of weak finance contribution laws in Kansas, and because of a veto of stronger laws by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius earlier this year, it's hard to track political money in Kansas.  We won't learn any of the details of the money contributions for several more days.  If 2006 is anything like the 2002 political cycle, funds will be transferred after the Oct 26, 2006 financial report closing date so money can be spent before the election on Nov 7 with the voters of Kansas not knowing who was spending how much secretive political money till Jan 2007.

[Oddly, the 2006 Legislative Lobbyist Directory shows an entry for Thomas W Witt, a lobbyist for the Kansas Equality Coalition at 555 N Woodlawn, Suite 214, Wichita -- next door to Tiller's ProKanDo PAC in Suite 215.  Is it just a coincidence that ProKanDo and Kansas Equality Coalition have offices in the same two buildings in Wichita?  Do these groups have a political alliance of some kind?]

[Note the George Soros connection to Young Democrats of America above.  See another recent Soros connection to Kansas politics.]

Why would the Young Democrats of America receive a $25,000 contribution from the  ProKanDo PAC in June 2006?   Perhaps a big "Thank You" for a job well done in 2002 by Chris Gallaway?  Perhaps setup costs for the Busboys and poets against Phill Kline event in DC in July? Or, perhaps for some quid pro quo that YDA might provide?

The current head of Young Democrats of America, is a Kansan, Chris Gallaway, who masterminded the huge Tiller political money transfers in 2002 when Tiller tried to buy the Attorney General's job for Chris Biggs.  Chris Gallaway is the contact person for the Young Democrats of America's "527" group so likely he had something to do with the $25,000 contribution by ProKanDo to his YDA group.  As previously reported by the Kansas Meadowlark, Gallaway's money tricks even worry some Democrats.  An official of a Democratic organization in another state contacted the Kansas Meadowlark over a year ago and asked:

I came across the information about Kansans for Democratic Leadership and ProKanDo. I was wondering if there is any other information that is not reported on the website . I am especially interested in anything about Chris Gallaway, the treasurer of KDL who I believe is also involved in a money-laundering scheme in his current role as president of the Young Democrats of America.

[When will the City of Topeka shame the Kansas Democrats into paying the $18,000 in Gallaway's parking tickets he collected while he was the executive director of the Kansas Democratic Party in 2002 before leaving Kansas and moving to Virginia?]

Apparently, this year Dr. Tiller and his PACs, ProKanDo PAC and Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection group is trying to buy the Attorney General's job for Paul Morrison. How Chris Gallaway may be helping through his Young Democrats of America, and George Soros' money, is not yet clear. 

Kathleen Sebelius and Paul Morrison, who are both Catholics, should call for full and complete public disclosure of all Dr. Tiller's abortion money entering into Kansas politics BEFORE THE ELECTION on Nov 7.  Or do Democrats really care about the Culture of Life in Kansas?  The Democrats for Life PAC, formed, collected $0, and then terminated.  


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