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Oct 29, 2006

Snoop Dog II:
Law Abiding Citizens Have No Right to Know Who is "Educating" Them?

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One person, JUST ONE PERSON, can spend $300,000 or $400,000 during an election cycle to affect Kansas politics and the Kansas press thinks this isn't much of a story?  

Do law abiding citizens have a right to know who is "educating" them by setting up a non-profit corporation to send out an "educational" piece that is exempt from campaign finance reporting?  Apparently not, based on actions in recent days by the Kansas press. 

The Wichita Eagle could not even find the story about  Dr. Tiller's ProKanDo PAC sharing a Wichita address with the "non-profit" group, Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection, and sending out "educational" Snoop Dog political pieces against Kline, until the story was reported by the Lawrence Journal World.

There is a HUGE Wichita political story from 2002 that is ignored. There is a HUGE Wichita poltiical money story from 2004 that is ignored. Why does the Kansas Press ignore political money if it comes from an abortion doctor in Wichita?  Why does the Kansas Press do everything it can to support Dr. George Tiller, Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General candidate Paul Morrison, while at the same time attacking conservative candidates?  

Dr. Tiller has perfected the political money process now in his "Snoop Dog" piece by making this an "educational" piece sent by a "non profit" exempt from campaign finance reporting.

Why do we even have campaign finance laws if one doctor in Wichita can spend as much as he wants to affect Kansas politics, and the press ignores the story?

Should the law abiding citizens of Kansas have a right to know who is "educating" them?  If Dr. Tiller and ProKanDo are NOT trying to hide anything from Kansas voters, why are they afraid to tell the truth about who is behind these mailings?  

Dr. Tiller is entitled to free speech expressed by the expenditure of his money, but why don't Kansas voters get to see a more accurate "Paid for" message on the Snoop Dog mailings?  Perhaps something like:

Paid for by Dr. George Tiller, Wichita.

Isn't simple, direct, honest, and truthful much better than convoluted in a "Paid for" message?

Paid for by Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection 

Why can't the Kansas Press have the courage to admit they will always support pro-abortion candidates over pro-life candidates?  Why can't the Kansas Press simply admit they will do everything in their editorial and reporting power to achieve this goal?  Why can't the Kansas press simply admit they will interpret whatever happens to the benefit of the pro-abortion candidate and to hurt the pro-life candidate?   When will the Kansas press simply admit their goal is to maintain Kansas as the abortion capital of the nation, if not the whole world?  


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