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Nov 3, 2006
(Updated Nov 22, 2006)

"Progress Kansas" a PAC-in-a-Box in Olathe?
A Mysterious "Non-Profit" Postal Box Sending Hit Pieces Against Certain State Rep Candidates.

BREAKING NEWSJeffrey L. Stowell, Lawrence, signed as the incorporator of BOTH Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection AND Progress Kansas, and serves as a Director of Progress Kansas.  These two Kansas non-profits, acting like political action committees, are connected by this person.  

Progress Kansas sent out as many as THREE mailings to some voters in at least one State Rep race. 

Julie Burkhart, ProKanDo PAC Chair, and Linda Joslin, former ProKanDo Treasurer and Wichita NOW President, are the directors of Kansans for Consumer Privacy, which has sent out SIX "Snoop Dog" mailings to some voters to "buy" Paul Morrison as Attorney General.  Apparently, Dr. Tiller's pro-abortion ProKanDo PAC is behind both non-profits sending "educational" mailings statewide.

The UPS Store #2098
13505 South Mur-len, Suite 105
Olathe  66062

Progress Kansas
13505 South Mur-len, Suite 145
Olathe  66062

"Suite 145" is UPS Postal Box 145

On October 18 the Kansas Meadowlark reported the Greater Kansas City Chamber sent $25,000 to "Kansas Progress" but the Chamber did not provide any address for this contribution on their Missouri filing:

Who's behind the "Progress Kansas" Receiving $25,000 from Liberal Missouri Group?
Why was address conveniently left out of Missouri report?
Why must we find Kansas political money reported in Missouri before Kansas?

Why did the Greater Kansas City Chamber fail to provide the address of only one entry?  What were they hiding?  The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is the only known contributor to Progress Kansas.  In their recent filing in Kansas, the Greater KC Chamber PAC did give an address:  Progress Kansas, 13505 S. Murlen, Suite 145, Olathe.  

The person answering the phone on Friday at this UPS Store refused to disclose anything about this box.  This UPS representative would NOT confirm the existence of the box, how long the box had existed, or what name was associated with the box.  He had no comment when asked if he thought it was fair that political money could be hidden this way.

The Meadowlark verified with the Johnson County Election Office that there was no "local committee" in Johnson County named "Progress Kansas" (ruling out a possible soccer referendum connection).  E-mails asking about this group, which were sent to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission and the Missouri Ethics Commission, were never answered, but the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission has NEVER shown a Kansas Political Action Committee (PAC) with this name.  

Given the recent trickery by Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection, a Kansas non-profit likely funded directly by George Tiller, to use Snoop Dogs to attack Phill Kline, I checked for a "non profit" called "Progress Kansas" on the Kansas Secretary of State's site about Kansas corporations.  Sure enough there is a new non-profit with this name:


123 W 8th Street
Suite 210

Close Corp []
Tax Year End [12]
Date of Incorporation [06/27/2006]
Last Correct Annual Report [00/0000]
Next Annual Report Due Date [06/15/2007]
Extension [00/00/0000]
Forfeiture [09/15/2007]
Expiration [12/31/9999]
State/Country Formation [KS]

Resident Agent

123 W 8th Street
Suite 210
LAWRENCE, KS 66044-0000
County: DG

Business Entity Type
Business Entity Status

This Lawrence connection and address is a bit curious, if not more mysterious.  

An Internet search indicates this is the same address as the Community Systems Group:

Community Systems Group
P.O. Box 442650
123 W. 8th Street - Suite 210
Lawrence KS 66044
Tollfree: 877.562.3320
Fax: 785.838.4803

Jeff Stowell

Paul Evensen

Stowell, 31, is a Democrat and contributed $250 to very liberal State Rep Paul Davis in 2005.   Evensen, 39, is also a Democrat.  The connection between Stowell, Evensen, the Community Systems Group, and Progress Kansas is still a mystery. 

Jeffrey L. Stowell signed as the incorporator of BOTH Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection AND
Progress Kansas, and serves as a Director of Progress Kansas.  

Jeff Stowell BioJeff Stowell is a consultant with Community Systems Group in Lawrence, Kansas and a co-founder of the law firm of Stowell & Mulligan which specializes in providing legal services to non-profit organizations. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and the University of Kansas School of Law

All the Progress Kansas mailings were sent using DM Mailing Service, 704 Rim Rock Rd, Edmond, OK.

Kansas Progress is responsible for a variety of mailings against some Republican State Rep candidates.  The known ones are shown below, but additional ones have been reported.  

Summary of Mailings

Mailing / Topic Known State Rep Districts Receiving Mailing
Expansion of Gaming:  
"Who says we can't have it both ways?"
Follow the Pack:  "... partisan posturing ..." 16
Illegal Immigration:  "It is no time to sleep" 18, 96
Stem Cell Research:  "She's sick.  And a treatment developed from stem cell research could help her." 16
Pigs or Kids:  Pig Barn or Kids' Health Care 18, 87, 96
Schools:  "And you thought the future was bright for Kansas schools ..." 54
Schools:  F's on Report Card 18, 96

State Rep District 16, Overland Park
THREE "hit" Pieces against Kriegshauser

State Rep District 18, Shawnee

This criticism, over a "voice" vote, doesn't make any sense.  
Almost everyone must have voted "yes" or this would not have been a voice vote.
This "Pigs" piece was also mailed against Bonnie Huy, in District 87 in Wichita:

State Rep District 87, Wichita

State Rep District 96, Wichita

State Rep District 54, Topeka
(2 other mailings were also sent?)

State Rep District 96, Wichita

(sorry, these are the best copies available now)

"It is no time to sleep"

Why don't Kansas voters have the right to know who is spending the money behind these political hit pieces masquerading as "educational" mailings?  Kansas and the IRS should put an end to this abuse of non-profits, and make the political playing field a bit more level.  IRS 990s filed next year should reveal how much money was spent on these mailings, but will hide who gave the money.

This is a twist on "issue advocacy."  Instead of advocating for pro-abortion candidates, these hit pieces use every issue but abortion to attack pro-life candidates. 


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