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Oct 29, 2006
(Updated Dec 7, 2007)

The Snoop Dog Page

Summary:  Dr. George Tiller from Wichita appears to have perfected hiding his participation in the Kansas political process from most voters in 2006 using a non-profit organization, Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection.  This non-profit sent a number of "Snoop Dog" mailings to perhaps hundreds of thousands of voters in Kansas.  But the non-profit group claims these mailings are "educational" and they are exempt from normal reporting by Kansas political action committees (PACs).  Recent information shows this non-profit is also ignoring IRS 990 reporting to the IRS and so far seems exempt from state and federal laws.  Why do we even have campaign finance laws if one person in Wichita can spend as much as he wants to affect Kansas politics?

A June 2007 Topeka Capital-Journal article revealed many details behind Tiller's ProKanDo PAC in last year's election (Tiller's influence on state debated), but the following report adds many details the press has ignored. This report first gives an overview of the six known Snoop Dog Mailings, and then gives details about where the pieces were printed and mailed.  Clues are given that a left-leaning Washington, DC direct mail company, was likely behind the mailings, and clients of that company include the ProKanDo PAC.  Finally, a chronology of what information was known when shows voters were kept in the dark about most of this information before the Nov. 2006 election, and there is much not known about this non-profit. 

Details:  Here is a summary of the six known Snoop Dog attack pieces against Phill Kline:

Snoop Dog






Article  Snoop Dog I Snoop Dog II Snoop Dog III Snoop Dog IV Snoop Dog V Snoop Dog VI
Size 8.5" x 11" 8.5" x 11" 7" x 10" 8.5" x 11" 8.5" x 11" 8.5" x 11"
Pages 4 2 4 4 2 2
Known to be sent
to Voters in these
JO, SN JO, SN JO, SN JO, SN SN, others SN, others
Code on Mailing KPP0605 KPP0602 KPP0603 KPP0601  KPP0604 KPP0606
Union Code
15-P 15-P 15-P 15-P 15-P 15-P

Other counties known to receive some or all of these mailings (eactly which mailings were sent to which counties is not known):

  • CR (Crawford County).  Received three mailings.

  • CY (Clay County).  More than one.  

  • DG (Douglas County). 

  • FR (Franklin County)

  • GW (Greenwood County).  Received three mailings.  

  • LV (Leavenworth County).  Received three mailings  

  • PT (Pottawatomie County).  One voter received TWO PHONE CALLS from Snoop Dog.    

  • RH (Rush County).

  • RP (Republic County).  Two nearly identical mailings were apparently received by Republicans in Republic County (Belleville area) 

  • SH (Sherman County).  More than one received in Goodland area.  

Not everyone is receiving the mailings, but the pattern of who is receiving them and who is not is not at all clear.  

Detailed Snoop Dog Articles: 

The mailings are all labeled as coming from the non-profit group, Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection:

Here's an enlargement of one of the labels:

This enlargement clearly shows the union label for "Graphic Communications International Union.   According to the search page for Graphic Communications Conference of the Int'l Brotherhood of Teamsters, the print shop responsible for the "15-P" GCIU Union Code is Johnson Litho Graphics of Eau Claire, 2219 Galloway St, Eau Claire, WI  54703.  

The expenditures of Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection are still unknown (if the IRS would force them to file an IRS form, some details of their expenditures would be known), but there is another clue about this mailing in the postage mark for bulk posting:

The postal mark "SM&M" is a bit of a mystery but may be for Strategic Marketing and Mailing in Chicago:

This clues seems to be a dead end until the following mailing was found on the Internet, which shows nearly the same mode of operation involving a union printer and a SM&M postal mark.  This is from a mailing from Democrat Barbara Fraser For County Council in St. Louis, MO:

Notice all the similarities between the Snoop Dog mailings and the mailing by Democrat Barbara Fraser: 

  • code XXXnnnn (KPP0602 vs FRS0610)

  • two vertical bars

  • union label

  • recycle graphic

  • "Paid for" line

  • identical SM&M postal marks.  

Because of the degree of similarity, one could speculate both mailings were part of a common Democratic Party tactic used in the different elections, with common Democrat-friendly vendors. There's no direct proof of any connection between Barbara Fraser in St. Louis and Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection, however.

Information from Barbara Fraser's contribution report in Missouri gives some clues about vendors she used in her mailing:  

  • MSHC Partners, Washington, DC, 9/27/2006, mass mailing, $21,082

  • MSHC Partners, Washington, DC, 9/29/2006, mass mailing, $21,082

  • Stones' Phones, Palm Springs, CA, 9/29/2006, autodialing, $516

ProKanDo spent $36,000 with the same DC group, MSHC Partners, and ProKanDo spent $144,697 with Stones' Phones.  

Did MSHC Partners in DC have some part in the Snoop Dog mailings via the ProKanDo connection?

MSHC Partners lists "Kansas" on their "State Strategies | Our Clients" web page.  MSHC has done consulting work for a number of "section 527" liberal, environmentalist and Democratic groups.  MSHC also worked with a number of liberal organizations, creating political mail for the National Education Association, NARAL and Pro-Choice America.

Blaemire Communications lists these clients:  Kansas Democratic Party, ProKanDo, Kansas Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, and MSHC Partners.  I cannot find the "connections" Blaemire and the KDP or the Kansas Coalition for Lifesaving Cures. 

As originally reported by the Kansas Meadowlark, the address of Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection group is the same as Tiller's ProKanDo pro-abortion Political Action Committee.  The non-profit address matches the ProKanDo  address given in their PAC's Statement of Organization, which is proof the PAC and the non-profit shared the same address.   However, ProKanDo often uses their PO Box in solicitations, and did file a Form 8871 with the IRS in 2003 showing their address was P.O. Box 8249, Wichita 67208.  

Coincidences or connections?  Until the Kansans for Privacy Protection non-profit files an IRS 990, other connections and conclusions will be difficult, but some connection between the Snoop Dog mailings likely exists between MSHC Partners in DC, and either or both of the ProKanDo PAC and the Kansas Democratic Party.

 (in reverse order)

Nov 16, 2007Integrity of Kansas Elections Less Important to IRS than "Privacy Rights" of Groups Abusing Non-Profit LawsThe IRS refuses to say what the legal status of Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection is, but how is this group exempt from IRS laws?  The haven't filed either IRS 8872 or IRS 990 forms.

Oct 24, 2007:  The ProKanDo PAC blog uses the "Snoop Dog" theme from the Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection non-profit in attacking Kline:  "Snoop Dog Kline is at it again!"  Why can a PAC and a non-profit share a common marketing theme, nearly a year after the election?

Aug 24, 2007How can the Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection "non-profit" legally give $34,000 to the ProKanDo PAC?

June 10, 2007Letter from IRS says this about Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection:  "We have no record of the tax-exempt status of this organization under 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code."  Apparently, this Kansas non-profit has exempted itself from IRS 990 reporting. 

Jan 10, 2007Report filed today with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission shows ProKanDo PAC received $34,000 contribution from the non-profit Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection on Oct 31, 2006.  

Nov 7, 2006:  General Election 2006

Nov 4Snoop Dog VI revealed.  Some voters in Kansas received SIX mailings from secretive Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection "non profit."

Nov 3:  Jeffrey L. Stowell was identified as the incorporator of BOTH Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection AND Progress Kansas, and serves as a Director of Progress Kansas.  

Snoop Dog Mailing #6 Reported.  Yes, one household has received SIX mailings from Tiller about Phill Kline.

A second, apparently unrelated non-profit acting like a PAC has surfaced.  See Progress Kansas details.

Nov 2:  Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection, a non-profit group exempt from political reporting, sponsored a radio commercial heard yesterday on KMAJ in Topeka about 6:15 AM.  The ad claimed Kline is "snooping" around women's medical records.  It also said something like, "no wonder two former attorneys general refuse to support Kline."

Snoop Dog Mailing #5 (KPP0604) has surfaced.

Wichita Voters for Truth PAC surfaces with pro-abortion mailing in certain State Rep races in Wichita.  Three of the 4 known "Truth PAC" contributors are also contributors to the ProKanDo PAC.  Two were underwriters for a June 2004 ProKanDo fundraising event.  

Nov 2Garden City TelegramGroups attempting to influence AG's race.  Note the Kansas press still has not researched the 2002 race:  "Tiller directed more than $150,000 toward defeating Kline in 2002, when he beat Democrat Chris Biggs."  A figure closer to $300,000 or possibly $400,000, would be more accurate. 

Nov 1Kansas City Star, Abortion politics a part of attorney general race, shows spending of almost $500,000 in efforts to oust Kline.

ProKanDo, the political action committee of Women's Health Care Services, the Wichita abortion clinic run by George Tiller, reported campaign spending of $304,108 from July 21 to Oct. 26.

Its report showed spending of $81,247 on automated phone calls and another $95,700 in "member dues" to Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection.

[The next paragraph appeared in the Wichita Eagle's online version, Abortion politics animates AG race, of this KC Star story but was missing from the Star's online and printed versions]

That is the group identified in a "Snoop Dog Kline" direct mail campaign accusing Kline of spending the last three years "snooping through women's private medical records on a personal crusade against abortion."

Nov 1:  Lawrence Journal-World, Kline says office received abortion records a week ago

Kline said the records were turned over Oct. 24 by Shawnee County District Judge Richard Anderson, who had possessed them since August. Kline said the records were redacted so that individual patients could not be identified.   ...

Kline said the targets of his investigation are rapists, sex offenders with child victims and doctors involved in abortions.  ...

Two groups have done anti-Kline mailings on the topic, spending more than $225,000. One of them received nearly $96,000 from a political action committee linked to Tiller.

Anderson subpoenaed the records at Kline’s request in September 2004, concluding he had probable cause to believe they may have contained evidence of crimes. The clinics later asked the Supreme Court to intervene.

While Anderson didn’t give Kline unfettered access to the records, the Supreme Court imposed new guidelines for having them reviewed and edited before they were turned over to the district court. Under that process, neither Kline nor the judge saw the names of the patients involved.

Nov 1:   Kansans for Lifesaving Cures Joins "Snoop Dog" Campaign.  What do "Lifesaving Cures" have to do with redacted medical records?  Kansans for Lifesaving Cures attacks Phill Kline over redacted medical records while supporting Kathleen Sebelius and Paul Morrison?  Click here to see mailing.  Is the Kansas Democratic Party "Coordinated Campaign" behind all of this?


How much of the money that Kansans for Lifesaving Cures has in the bank --  $209,398 -- will be spent in the next few days before the November election?

Oct 31:   A family of four Republican voters in Shawnee County received this push poll phone call today:

"Hi, this is Christine.  Attorney General Phill Kline is more interested in defending violent criminals than guarding seniors and our children.  As a state representative, Kline voted against laws that would protect seniors and children.  Now our crime rate is soaring.  Please press 1 on your phone now if you think Phill Kline should stop wasting tax dollars on snooping around our medical records instead of lowering crime rates and protecting seniors and children.  Again, that's 1 if you think it's time to send Snoop Dog Phill Kline to the dog house."   

"Christine"  did not identify who was sponsoring the call. 

Another Shawnee County voter received this call:

"Hi! My name is Emily. I think private medical records are just that -- private. My health is my business, not the government's. That's why I'm supporting Governor Sebelius and Attorney General Candidate Paul Morrison. They want to keep government out of our personal medical records. Phill Kline has used his position as attorney general to invade the private medical records of hundreds of Kansans. That's just wrong. Let's defend ourselves from prying politicians. Join me in voting for Governor Kathleen Sebelius and for Paul Morrison as attorney general."

It's not clear whether this is a "Snoop Dog" phone call, or possibly is related to the Kansans for Lifesaving Cures mailing. 

A family from Pottawatomie County reports:  "We’ve had 5 or 6 'SnoopDog' mailings to date, all different, all stupid, and aimed at the ignorant.  They strongly resemble, in design, some petty 'Shallenburger' mailings sent out 4 years ago that basically attacked him by making fun of his name."

A Leavenworth County resident reports:   "I am shocked by the number of mailings I have received AGAINST Phill Kline this week alone.  Today's mailing is large and refers to Kline as a "Snoop Dog".  It seems everyone I have spoken to in my area has received these and we're all registered Republicans!  I can't imagine the amount of money spent on these distortions of the truth.  I'm getting nervous about this election....  I just finished reading Bill O' Reilly's book Culture Warrior and boy did I agree with him that we are in the midst of a culture war!  If only citizens realized this and stopped being apathetic. "

Oct 31:  Topeka Capital Journal:  Tiller tied to anti-Kline mailers -- Address is same as that of political group founded by abortion doctor

A group that has been sending out political mailers opposing Attorney General Phill Kline has received at least $95,000 from a political action committee founded by a Wichita abortion doctor who currently is under investigation by the Republican attorney general

Oct 31:  The Kansas Press went nuts attacking Kline over $1.5 million from Republican State Leadership Committee, after the press ignores the mailings and phone calls described here.  See Lawrence Journal-World article.   

Oct 30:  Report filed today with the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission shows ProKanDo gave $68,000 to Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection on Oct 13 and another $27,300 on Oct 17. 


Oct 30:  Snoop Dog apparently makes phone calls too!    THREE voters report "Snoop Dog" phone calls.  

  • A Pottawatomie County voter reports receiving two phone calls, with a different female voice each time. "Last week's voice was a rather angry young woman, and today's was a smooth, professional female voice."  
  • A call was received in Shawnee County:  "It’s a woman’s voice referring to 'Snoop Dog Kline.'  There was no 'paid for' in the recording."  
  • A Sedgwick County resident reports:  "The first part of the message is cut off as if the recording began to play immediately and did not wait for the tone. It was a woman's voice that referenced Kline's 'prying' into medical records. I checked my caller ID and it said '"Out of Area.'"

Oct 30:  progressiveU Blog:  "in government class my teacher showed us an advertisement that he got in the mail. it was a pamphlet that said "Snoop Dog needs to be put on a leash" on the front...and on the inside it was talking about how Attorney General Phill Kline is trying to get medical records in Kansas made public, aka 'snooping' in other people's business. now, i don't like kline, but this ad was a ridiculous attempt to get the younger voters on tim morrison's (his opponent) side. honestly. it made me laugh, though. so the suspicious part about the ad is that the supposed "third party" that paid for the pamphlet...doesn't exist. so it's an illegal ad. good times...good times. "

Oct 29Time to get a cow patty detector in Southwest Daily Times (Liberal, KS):  

One of my kids brought in a shiny postcard that called our current Kansas Attorney General a "Snoop Dog."

"I'm not voting for him!" the seven-year-old declared. "It's bad to snoop!"

"Hey," her brother reminded her, "we don't even know who said that he's a snoop. Just because someone official tells you something doesn't make it true!"

That mindset, fellow citizens, is exactly what we are aiming for.

Oct 29Lawrence Journal WorldCampaign ads mask sponsors’ identities

Oct 29:  Kansas City StarKline seeks source of fliers:  Candidate says Wichita abortion provider sent out critical brochures. (appeared in print on . p. B-2)

Oct 28WE Blog "Open Thread":  "Are the KC Star and Wichita Eagle having a "tag team" attack on Kline?"

Oct 27:  KC Star's KC Buzz Blog:  Standing by her allegation

Oct 26:  AP Story on the Wichita Eagle and Kansas City Star's web sites.  AP stories disappear within days.

Oct 26:  Wichita Eagle Blog:  Candidates don’t need help slinging mud.  The Eagle puts a link to the second Lawrence Journal World story but does no original reporting even though the story happened right under their nose?

Oct 26:  Lawrence Journal World's second article:  Anti-Kline mailings linked to Tiller

Oct 25:  Lawrence Journal World Gets the Story Right:  Abortion doctor behind anti-Kline mailing

Oct 25:  Salina Journal Misses Real Story:  Repeats Topeka Capital Journal story,

Oct 24:  Topeka Capital Journal Misses Real Story: Mailing relies on false figures.

Oct 23:  Kansas Meadowlark:  Snoop Dog I:  Is Dr. Tiller's ProKanDo PAC Behind Hit Piece by "Kansans for Consumer Privacy"?  Sneaky Political Money Methods from 2002 Return to Kansas?

Related (and mostly ignored by the Kansas Press):

Is Tiller trying to buy “immunity” should Morrison win?

Morrison attended the recent “Torch Dinner” hosted by the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus in 2006, and even donated an item for their silent auction (I sure hope Morrison includes that donated item — Dinner for 6 at 40 Sardines in Overland Park with Paul and his wife — in his campaign report that will be published in a day or two). I don’t know whether George Tiller was at that event, but ProKanDo was a “Sponsor” for that event. “Sponsors” were supposed to be contributors of at least $1250, but the recent Missouri Ethics Commission Report did NOT show any ProKanDo contribution at that event.

For some reason the 2006 pictures are not online. The 2005 pictures show both Dr Tiller and Kathleen Sebelius attended last year:

Jennifer Wright (above), who was one of the Torch co-chairs, works for Dr. Tiller as the ProKanDo “Development” Director. Wright was also the Treasurer for the Kansans for a Moderate Government PAC, which spent a lot of political money in Kansas in 2004, also largely ignored by the press.

Did Paul meet George (or Kathleen) at the 2006 Torch dinner? 


K a n s a s M e a d o w l a r k @ g m a i l . c o m