Congressman Dennis Moore (D, Kansas) The Hill is reporting that Rep. Dennis Moore’s chief of staff may have violated House rules last week by circulating a campaign-related job posting from his House E-mail account:

Howard Bauleke circulated a posting for jobs with the Kansas Coordinated Campaign, an election-year organization initiative run by the Kansas Democratic Party. Rules prohibit the use of House resources for campaign purposes. …

Moore spokeswoman Rebecca Black said the e-mail was probably an oversight.

In 2005 using his government E-mail address (, Bauleke apparently posted a job description for a Research Assistant totally unrelated to any government requirement. Why is a congressional staffer using an official E-mail address for commercial purposes?

Kansas Democrats use a “campaign store” called the Kansas Coordinated Campaign inside the Kansas Democratic Party to coordinate activities of Democratic candidates statewide. In 2006 in a complicated money scheme Kansas Democrats used the Kansas Coordinated Campaign to help re-elect Kathleen Sebelius, and elect Paul Morrison for Attorney General. Also, the Kansas Coordinated Campaign was used to elect a number of new State Reps, such as Gene Rardin in District 16, who won by only two votes.

Last week a similar problem occurred in Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ office when an E-mail with a “Contribute” button was sent by Sebelius’ political director during a period when such a solicitation would be an ethics violation.

Kansas Democrats want more money for all sorts of social programs but have no problem wasting money on political mailings paid for by tax dollars.

Congressman Dennis Moore can count to 90 very well, since he knows he can use free franking only more than 90 days before an election even if he has no particularly urgent message for constituents. Moore knew the cut off date for free franking before the Aug 5, 2008 primary election was May 7, according to the House Committee on House Administration. To beat the May 7th deadline, Moore sent the following franked piece at taxpayer expense, which reportedly was received on May 2:

Dennis Moore\'s franked piece, May 2008

Moore sent this mailing paid for by taxpayers with the message:

“Kansas families live within a budget. It’s time the federal government did, too”
– Congressman Dennis Moore in his Congressional Update, May 2008

This mailing was legal by a few days, but Congressman Moore shows contempt for voters by wasting money on this mailing while pretending to be a fiscal conservative.

With only 92 days between the August primary election and November general election this year, it’s not clear whether Moore will send another taxpayer-funded mailing to constituents on Aug 6, the day after the primary election.

Recently, other Kansas Democrats wasted tax dollars for mailings that were not necessary and mostly about getting re-elected given their timing:

If budgets are so tight both in Washington, DC and Topeka, why are Democrats wasting taxpayer money on needless political mailings before elections?

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2 Comments to “Congressman Dennis Moore’s chief of staff may have violated E-mail rules. Moore franking abuse too?”

  1. sasnak says:

    In fact the Republicans have no problem when taxpayer funds have to be used for Bush’s fundraising event for Nick Jordan. Hundreds of police are being stationed throughout the town to protect President Bush from seeing any uprising of free speech.

    The Republicans are in a bind having lost three seats to Democrats in heavily Republican districts. They believe Kansas, once a solidly Republican state, is going to lose more seats to Democrats. As a result there have been a rash of fundraisers. Karl Rove came out before his latest call to testify before Congress about his crimes, Senator Bob Dole came over because he probably left something in Kansas and came by to pick it up before leaving to North Carolina, and now Bush plans on using the power of his 28% approval rating to get support for Jordan.

    Jordan needs all the money from rich people he can get, otherwise he might have to run on his record. He supports unending war in Iraq (as long as he doesn’t have to serve), no health care for children, no money for public education, higher gas taxes and pulling the red carpet out for oil and coal companies.

    Judging by Jordan’s FEC filings a lot of his contributors have maxed out their contribution limit. If he doesn’t find more supporters he’ll have to go the McCain route and pretend to have supporters, even if they are wearing pro-Obama shirts.

  2. efg says:

    sasnak: Thank you for your comments, but why are you using a tax-payer funded .edu E-mail account from a state institution for such political postings?

    There are some similarities that you point out but some important differences.

    Yes, some government money was spent for security for the President for his partisan fund-raising trip, but this is all done under rules that apply to both Republicans and Democrats.

    Why are you ignoring the quote from Moore’s own mailing, “Kansas families live with a budget. It’s time the federal government did, too”? Moore gives this quote and then wastes taxpayer money on a political mailing – which is only shows spending is out of control.

    There was no claim that Bush’s trip was for government purposes, and I’m sure there are reimbursements – at least to the Federal Government – by the Republican Party for this trip. Moore is pretending what he is doing is for government purposes, when the purpose it to promote himself, and Moore IS NOT reimbursing the Federal government at all.