Kansas Capitol A reliable source in Topeka tells about a possible case of voter fraud and a possible case of voter suppression. Both cases need more investigation.

Possible voter fraud case. A postal carrier, who has delivered mail on the same route for five years, had never delivered mail to a particular address. Earlier this week the first piece of mail to be delivered to this address, a voter registration card, was to be put into a mailbox full of cobwebs — and the house is not known to have any inhabitants. The postal carrier contacted his supervisor for directions about what to do about this possible case of voter fraud.

Possible voter suppression case. Most voters in Kansas apply to vote on a paper registration form. However, Kansas statute allows the Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to register voters through a paperless process. Some Republican voters in Topeka registering through the DMV recently reported they had not received a voter registration card. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported yesterday that at least six problems have been reported with DMV voter registrations. There appears to be no audit trail for voter registering through the DMV. Since a new voter must identify political party, there is speculation that some Republican voters may have been dropped.

Sadly, investigations of these matters may take weeks.


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