Federalist Society

Federalist Society

On Wednesday the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies published a detailed analysis by Samson R. Elsbernd of the Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission Lawyers, 1987-2007.

This report gave background information about each attorney member of the Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission, including political contributions and the following information:

  • Years on the Commission
  • Areas of Practice
  • Bar admission dates
  • Law School
  • College
  • Memberships
  • Brief biography
  • Birthdate
  • Law Firm

An appendix in this report gave the following statistical analysis of campaign contributions:

1) Total amount of money contributed to:
a. Total = $140,932
b. Democrats = $117,682
c. Republicans = $23,250

2) Total number of contributions made to:
a. Total = 204
b. Democrats = 167
c. Republicans = 37

3) Total number of donors who contribute:
a. Total = 13
b. More to Democrats = 9
c. More to Republicans = 4

The Kansas Supreme Court Nominating Commission consists of four attorneys and four non-attorney members, with a fifth attorney serving as the chair.

The paper by the Federalist Society did not address any information about the non-attorney members of the Supreme Court Nominating Commission.  However, a recent Meadowlark article gave information about the current non-attorney members of the Commission.  This Meadowlark article needs to be updated to show a 20-year summary of the non-attorney members corresponding the to the same time period covered by the Federalist Society paper.


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