Perhaps 750 braved windy, 23-degree weather in Overland Park to protest the pork in the stimulus.  Liberty-minded, free-market Americans met outside of Congressman Dennis Moore’s Office in Overland Park to protest his votes to waste tax dollars.

Michelle Malkin’s web site first announced this event on Thursday.   A stay-at-home mom, Amanda Grosserode, is organizing a grass-root movement in fiscal responsibility from Seattle to Denver to Mesa to Overland Park.  Local Kansas groups like AFP and KRA alerted their members about the event.  Darla Jaye on 980 KMBZ talked about the planned event last night.

[UPDATE:  See Darla Jaye’s Show Notes for 2/21/09, where the 750 estimate includes people coming and going since it was so cold.  Early police reports put the number at 500.]

The following is a photo essay of today’s event.

A large group of several hundred formed outside Dennis Moore’s Office in Overland Park.  The crowd was polite and obeyed orders from police to stay away from private property, and to stay safely back from the street.  [I received permission from a police officer to jaywalk in the middle of the block <g>.]

“A Paid mortgage in every pot (paid for by the American taxpayer)”

At one point the crowd chanted to stop global warming, a humous reaction to the cold.

“No Moore Pork”

A brief speech was given by Derrick Sonntag (below, center), Kansas AFP state director.

Darla Jaye (below, center) from 980 KBMZ received a warm reaction from the crowd.

Darla:  “We have to be just as vocal as the other side, or nobody’s going to listen to us.”

“I Want My Country Back”
“Save the USA”

Some kids with parents attended knowing the gravity of the extreme debt future generations will now endure because of the debt-stimulus spending.

“Thanks for Putting My Generation in Debt!”
“You Just Spent My Kid’s College Fund”

“No Moore Pork!”

The homemade signs were the best part of the rally.

“We pay our mortgage.  Why do we get $13 a week?”
“Washington’s open check book is the problem”

“Obama’s Health Plan Makes Me Sick”

“Pork-Barrel Spending is Not Stimulating”
“No Moore Pork!”

“We pay our Reps to Read Bills Before Voting!”

“787 Billion Reasons Moore Needs to Go”

“Stop Destroying Our Country”

“Vote No:  Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)”

“I will keep my freedom my guns, my money. You can keep THE CHANGE.”

“Moore Pork:  It’s An Obamanation”

“Barney Frank:  Don’t ‘Pork’ the U.S. Taxpayer”

“Capitalism YES, Socialism NYET”

The woman at the right was identified as Amanda Grosserode, the event organizer.

“Mad as Hell”

“No Moore Tyranny”

“Sent my Congressman to Washington.  All I got was 13 bucks& this lousy sign:  No Moore Pork”

“No More Moore”

“The 111th:  Worst Congress Evah”

“Kansas Values, Not Washington Politics”

“Lincoln Freed the Slaves.  Obama & Moore Enslaved our Grandkids.”

“$1,000,000,000,000 Here …
$1,000,000,000,000 There …
Soon you are talking about REAL MONEY!”


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