• Dr. George Tiller, Gov. Kathleen SebeliusThis is a summary page with information about Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Dr. George Tiller, and his ProKanDo PAC available on this site.Below is a PowerPoint presentation given in four different cities in Kansas over the last year, as well as some links to articles on this site with supplemental information.

PowerPoint Presentation:
Kansas Political Money:  Sebelius, Tiller, ProKanDo, …

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Kansas Political Money

Summary Information from Slides:

  • Slides 3 – 9 show Sebelius’ interactions with three Catholic Archbishops (1992-2008).  See additional details.
  • Slide 11 shows Tiller’s contributions to Sebelius when she was Insurance Commissioner (1995-2003): $15,450.

These figures can be verified from the Kansas Governmental Ethics search.

Looking for “Itemized Contributions”
pertaining to “Statewide races”
Candidate: Sebelius
Contributor: Tiller

Check the box for more details (gives report and page number)

Jeanne Tiller is Dr. Tiller’s wife.

If in the above query, you specify “Governor” for Office, the contributions made to Sebelius for her gubernatorial run, while still Insurance Commissioner, can be seen:


Kathleen Sebelius appointed a treasurer for her gubernatorial run on Aug 6, 2001. Dr. Tiller’s wife, Jeanne, gave $2000 to Sebelius for Governor on 9/10/2001, as documented on p. 26 of 115 in Sebelius’s Jan 2002 report.

What’s the connection between the “Pro Choice Action League” and Dr. Tiller?  An April 29, 1998 article in the Wichita Eagle, “Meaning of Abortion Laws Causes Split in Supporters” said:

Peggy Bowman, director of the Kansas Pro Choice Action League and a spokeswomen for Tiller’s clinic …

An April 10, 1998 article in the Wichita Eagle, “Stricter abortion bill passes the Senate,” said:

Peggy Bowman, George Tiller’s spokeswoman and a lobbyist for the Pro-Choice Action League …

See Gov. Sebelius’ $12,450 response to Senator Kyl only wrong by $26,000! for additional details about Tiller’s contributions to Sebelius.

2001-2002 Election Cycle

  • Slide 12 shows Tiller/Clinic’s contributions to Sebelius’ Bluestem Fund PAC just prior to her run for Governor (2000-2002):  $23,000.

To verify these figures, see the “Dr. George Tiller” section in this article to review the actual Bluestem Fund PAC reports with this information:   Happy 9th Birthday to Gov. Sebelius’ Bluestem Fund PAC. Almost $1 million raised.

There’s one curious $100,000 payment in 2002 and two additional $10,000 payments in 2003-2004 to the Democratic Governors’ Association (DGA):

  • Slide 13 shows a money flow of $120,00 from Dr. Tiller and his clinic, Women’s Health Care Services, Inc., in 2002-2004 to the Democratic Governors’ Association, and a possible mechanism showing how this money may have returned to the Kansas Democratic Party in 2005-2006.  This was only discovered and written about in a pre-Nov 2006 General summary article.Details for $120,000 in TIller’s contributions to DGA shown in Slide 13:
    - DGA IRS 8872, 9/30/2002:
    p. 5 of 58 in PDF:  8/15/2002, $100,000 from Women’s Health Care Services, Inc. (Tiller’s Clinic) to DGA
    - DGA IRS 8872, 12/31/2003:
    p. 47 of 126 in PDF:  8/8/2003 (Tiller’s birthday) , $10,000 from George Tiller to DGA
    - DGA IRS 8872, 9/30/2004:
    p. 14 of 61 in PDF:  8/25/2004, $10,000 from George R. Tiller to DGA

    Details for $70,000 in DGA contributions to Kansas Democrats shown in Slide 13:
    - DGA IRS 8872, 6/30/2005:
    p. 51 of 99 in PDF:  6/8/2005, $5,000 from DGA to Democratic Tallgrass Committee (KS 4th District)
    p. 66 of 99:  6/8/2005, $15,000 from DGA to Kansas Democratic Party
    p. 67 of 99: 6/8/2005, $5,000 from DGA to Legislative Victory Fund (KS 1st District)
    p. 67 of 99: 6/8/2005, $5,000 from DGA to Legislative Victory Fund (KS 2nd District)
    p. 67 of 99: 6/8/2005, $5,000 from DGA to Legislative Victory Fund (KS 3rd District)
    - DGA IRS 8872, 3/31/2006:
    p. 26 of 63 in PDF:  3/21/2006, $5,000 from DGA to Democratic Tallgrass Commitee (KS 4th District)
    p. 34 of 63:  3/21/2006, $15,000 from DGA to Kansas Democratic Party
    p. 35 of 99: 3/21/2006, $5,000 from DGA to Legislative Victory Fund (KS 1st District)
    p. 35 of 99: 3/21/2006, $5,000 from DGA to Legislative Victory Fund (KS 2nd District)
    p. 35 of 99: 3/21/2006, $5,000 from DGA to Legislative Victory Fund (KS 3rd District)

    Details for $60,000 in transfers from Democratic Congressional Committees to Kansas Democratic Party
    - 1st Congressional District, p. 6 of report to KS Gov’t Ethics 1/10/2006$15,000 to KDP ($9,969.72 on 12/5/2005 to KDP-KCC Non-Fed, $5,030.28 on 1/11/2005 to KDP-Non-Fed)
    - 2nd Congressional District, p. 3 of report to KS Gov’t Ethics 1/10/2006$15,000 to KDP ($12,508.23 on 12/5/2005 to KDP-KCC Non-Fed, $2,491.77 on 1/11/2005 to KDP-KCC Non-Fed)
    - 3rd Congressional District, p. 9 of report to KS Gov’t Ethics 1/10/2006$15,000 to KDP ($6,258.88 on 7/19/2005 to KDP-Non-Fed, $8,741.12 on 1/11/2005 to KDP-Non-Fed)
    - 4th Congressional District, p. 3 of report to KS Gov’t Ethics 1/10/2006$15,000 to KDP ($15,000.00 on 11/2/2005 to KDP-Victory 2006 NF)

    All five of Democratic Party Committees above share the same Treasurer and the same address:  Dan Lykins, 700 SW Jackson, Suite 706, Topeka 66603

    Kathleen Sebelius became the chair of the Democratic Governors’ Association in 2007, after her 2006 re-election. See DGA IRS 8871 from Jan 29, 2007 showing Sebelius is Chair.

    This scheme of transferring money to the KDP through district congressional committees was widely exploited in 2006.

With the exception of the money via the Democratic Governors’ Associatoin above in Slide 13, after March 2002, Dr. Tiller’s primary involvement in Kansas politics, and indirect support for Kathleen Sebelius and Kansas Democrats, has been via his ProKanDo PAC.

  • Slide 18 shows a summary for the 2002 election cycle for TIller/ProKanDo PAC:
    • Tried to defeat Phill Kline for Attorney General in August Primary
    • Raised money to elect Kathleen Sebelius Governor … “bait and switch”?
    • “Backdoor Cash” to defeat Phill Kline in November General Election
    • Tiller or clinic gave $255,000 to ProKanDo, $25,000 to Kansas Democratic Party, $13,000 to Sebelius’ Bluestem Fund PAC, $6000 to Kansans for Democratic Leadership (KDL) PAC.

See this summary article for 2002.

  • Slide 19 shows a “coat hanger” postcard ProKanDo sent in the Aug 2002 primary advocating for David Adkins and against Phill Kline.  Phill Kline won the Aug 2002 Republican primary.
  • Slide 20 shows ProKanDo Fundraising letter signed by Dr. Tiller explaining his intentions in 2002:“In my niavete, I thought my personal contribution of $200,000 to ProKanDo would be more than enough to alert voters to the anti-choice position of Mr. Shallenberger.  I have been advised that to effectively reach voters … we need to raise another $250,00 in just eight short weeks.”“Together we can make sure we have a pro-choice Governor in Kansas”
  • Slide 21 shows known contributions in red boxes reported by the press and many other contributions the press ignored in 2002.
  • Slide 22 shows a complicated scheme where Tiller sent $153,000 in a last minute money transfer in Nov 2002 through two PACs for a huge media buy in an attempt to defeat Kline in Nov 2002.  A single large money transfer was reported by the press, but many of the other contributions were ignored that had been documented in earlier versions of this document sent to the press by E-mail.
  • Slide 23.  In Summer 2003 about a dozen Kansas newspapers were ignoring an earlier version of this document until the Lawrence Journal-World broke the story, but only reported part of the contributions.

2003-2004 Election Cycle

  • Slide 24 shows a summary for the 2004 election cycle for ProKanDo PAC
    • Tiller/Clinic gave $228,000 to ProKanDo; $35,000 to Kansas Democrats
    • Money funneled to Kansas Democrats used mostly for State Senate races
    • Used “sister” Committees for stealth help in Senate races
    • Payoff in 2008 when veto override failed by two votes.

See this summary article for 2004.

  • Slide 26 shows ProKanDo fundraising invitation explaining their intentions in 2004“ProKanDo is working to help elect new pro-choice, candidates to the Kansas State Senate.  These candidates will give the Senate a pro-choice majority.  The Senate will be able to … suport the Governor’s veto of anti-choice bills …”. ProKanDo’s support for Kansas senatorial candidates in 2004 may have enabled the failed override of Gov. Sebelius’ veto in 2008.

2005-2006 Election Cycle

  • Slide 33 shows ProKanDo’s intentions in the 2006 election for their PAC (and indirectly the related non-profit):  “… there are 22 days until Election Day … We will be communicating with hundreds of thousands of voters across the state of Kansas … to help us re-elect Gov. Sebelius and defeat Attorney General Phill Kline”
  • Slide 34 shows the “Snoop Dog” ads sent by Tiller’s non-profit, Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection to defeat Kline.
  • Slide 36 shows the AP article revealing Tiller’s non-profit spent $400,000 to defeat Phill Kline, and to help Kathleen Sebelius indirectly. When combined, the PAC and non-profit spent $1.2 million in the 2006 cycle.  After a battle of more than a year with the IRS, the IRS 990 for Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection was found in March 2009 by buying ALL ~6000 IRS 990s for the State of Kansas for three years and searching through them.  The IRS had long claimed the 990 did not exist, but possibly since the form identified the group as a 501(c)(6), correct information is not in certain IRS databases.
  • Slide 47 shows a 2007 fundraising letter telling what ProKanDo has done in Kansas:

since … 2002, we have made a significant impact on the political landscape of Kansas …

“We have become one of the top political players in the state”

“In 2006 … with the defeat of … Phill Kline, the re-election of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, and victories throughout the state House, we were overjoyed with the results of our work”

2007-2008 Election Cycle [not yet fully analyzed]

  • Slide 48 shows the same ProKanDo fundraising letter with their intentions for 2008“In 2008, we will be focusing our energies on state-level candidates. It is a proven fact … that when we drive up voter turnout for progressive candidates at the state level, we push up the number of voters that will go to the pro-choice candidate for president and congress.”
  • Slides 49-54 shows what happened in 2008 (sorry, no 2008 summary slide yet), and some details about their new political “store”, Zoller Lutz Weinberger LLC, at same address as ProKanDo PAC.


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Kansas Supreme Court

Aug 2008 Primary Notes

Nov 2008 General Notes

Also see information from Kansans for Life

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