Overland Park, KS Tea Party On Tax Day

Several Tea Party participants respond to the request “tell me about your sign”:

  • Hey Barney!  Get your head out of Freddies Fannie!  [about Barney Frank]
  • Read my teleprompter:  No more taxes
  • Protect the 10th Amendment (States Rights)
  • “The Constitution is not an instrument for government to restrain the people.  It is an instrument for the people to restrain the government” by Patrick Henry [sign held by 5th great grandson of Patrick Henry!]
  • No Socialism
  • Politicians are like dirty diapers:  They need to be changed.  [Woman said:  "we need to get rid of the crap in Washington."]
  • One Trillion = One dollar per second for 32,000 years (front side)
    Hey Obama do you hear us?  (back side)
  • 3.6 trillion budget taxes too much; $pends too much
  • Don’t mortgage my future
  • Don’t spread the Wealth. Spread my Work Ethic!!”  (two woman and one man with different versions of nearly the same sign)
  • Abolish the Federal Reserve (back side of one of the above signs)
  • Yes, I’m a THREAT:  Typical, Hard-working, Red State, Entrepreneurial, American, Tax Payer

Other signs featured in the video:

  • STOP the $pending:  Jackasses, Fat Elephants
  • President Obama, What happens when I run out of money for you to redistribute?
  • Born Free, Taxed to Death
  • I can’t speak French!  No United States of France.  No Socialism.
  • Federal A.T.M. with picture frame around young girl [picture taken with permission of mom -- this was my favorite poster]
  • Cut Gov’t spending:  Fire a politician
  • Republicans and Democrats:  Stop Mortgaging Our Children!
  • All that it takes for Evil to Triumph … Is for good men to do NOTHING!!
  • Let Failures Fail

Other video highlights:

  • The pink “porkulus” pig describes the Tea Parties he has attended
  • Jim Flink, KMBC Chanel 9, records promo for 10 PM news
  • Signs held by participants along College Boulevard and Quivria Road
  • Nearly constant horn honking along College Boulevard and Quivira Road
  • Darla Jaye, KMBZ, talks to
    • Bob Ballard, Tea Party Organizer
    • Steve Shute:  asks the crowd two questions
    • Nick Jordan
    • Chuck Armstrong, KMBZ
  • Final thoughts from Amanda Grosserode, Tea Party Organizer
  • Darla Jaye describes best poster [the little girl described above:  "Federal A.T.M."]
  • Concluding song by unknown group:  “God Bless the USA”

I finally figured out that with my arm outstretched, and  with the camera at the end of my extended monopod, I could get a view from about 10 feet in the air to see over the most of the signs to see Darla Jaye’s discussion.


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  1. JaneLovesJesus says:

    Love the video! Nice work!