Who knew Darla Jaye from KMBZ’s 980 Live with Darla Jaye was running for public office?

Many were wearing a variety of stickers at the Olathe Republican Party Picnic and Straw Poll on Saturday.  Some stickers said “Draft Darla for U.S. Congress” — but she’s not really running.

From Darla’s Facebook page on Sunday:

I asked if there was a candidate named Darla running for office, and they said Yeah…YOU!! LOL.

The stickers were a joke on Darla, but Darla’s message to the audience was no joke. As the invited keynote speaker she blasted elected officials:

I want to speak to those of you that are in office, and those of you that want to represent us.  …  I’m speaking for my listeners who feel they don’t have a voice, who feel they’re not being listened to, or represented.

“We are sick and tired of what we’re seeing from those who supposedly work for us.  We’re as mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

Watch and listen to Darla in this video:

A number of Olathe area and Kansas statewide candidates spoke to the picnic crowd of over 400.

A separate straw poll was taken as part of the event to find the crowd’s favorites.  Not everyone voted since there was a $2 fee to cast a ballot.

Here are the straw poll results:

U.S. Senate:

  • Todd Tiahrt 165
  • Jerry Moran 46
  • Others 8

U.S. Congress, Kansas 3rd District:

  • Patricia Lightner 74
    (the announcement of her candidacy at the picnic was a surprise)
  • Macie Houston 33
  • Daniel Gilyeat 30
  • Darla Jaye (write-in) 24
  • Other Write-Ins  21

Kansas Governor

  • Sam Brownback 197
  • Write-Ins 12

Kansas Secretary of State

  • Kris Kobach 192
  • J.R. Claeys 22

U.S. President in 2012

  • Sarah Palin 76
  • Mike Huckabee 54
  • Mitt Romney 52
  • Bobby Jindal  19
  • Ron Paul  9

Note:  The Tiahrt margin of victory over Jerry Moran for U.S. Senate was helped a bit by the bus load of Tiahrt supporters from Wichita attending the event.

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