In 2003 I researched huge political contributions on my own time and tried to get the press to report them, only to be ignored. I wrote letters to editors about matters about which I had first-hand knowledge, only to be ignored. I sent story suggestions to a local TV station (KCTV5 to be exact) only to be told that if they didn’t find the story, they didn’t want the story!  Actually, one of their reporters told me a story wasn’t news if he didn’t discover it!

Originally, this site was intended to expose facts and stories about Kansas government and politics that the Kansas press ignores or minimally reports. My frustration with the reporting by the press, and their lack of investigative research, was my motivation for this site  from 2003 until Sept 2009.

Now I work for a non-profit group dedicated to investigative reporting.  My “day” job is investigative research on Kansas government and politics and I publish articles on the Kansas Watchdog instead of this Meadowlark site.  To avoid competing with my “day” job, this site is now only a periodic digest of various news stories from a variety of sources.

I am a 5th-generation Kansans, have a technical background, and have worked on various research and development projects and positions for about three decades.  See my bio on the Watchdog site.

Talk at CAMDA conference at Duke University in 2006

Presentation at CAMDA conference at Duke University in 2006

While I loved scientific computing as a career for a number of years, after being unemployed in late 2008 and early 2009, I was lucky to find any job.  I understand just how difficult the job market is and feel for others looking for work after attending  job club meetings for several months.

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Formerly (2003-2009): Investigative Research on Kansas Government, Politics, Political Money, Transparency in Government

Now (Sep 2009): Liberty-Minded, Freedom-Loving, Center-Right Digest

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