Gov. Kathleen Sebelius On Saturday the Harris News Service published an article, Fundraising gap grows between parties, in which Chris Green commented about recent contribution reports filed by Kansas Democrats and Republicans:

“The Democrats’ state party reported raising and spending about 15 times more than the state’s GOP apparatus in reports submitted to the state this past week. It also led the state GOP in cash leftover, $120,335 to $2,340.”

While the Kansas Democratic Party itself has more cash than Republicans, another significant source of funds for Kansas Democrats is Gov. Sebelius’ Blue Stem Fund Political Action Committee (PAC). In her July report, Gov. Sebelius reported raising $246,450, spending $73,862, with $207,271 in the bank for use in the November elections:

Sebelius\' Bluestem Fund PAC report July 2008

From numbers reported by the Harris News Service, Sebelius’ PAC raised more money than the Kansas Republican Party ($22,000), or the liberal Republican group, Kansas Traditional Republican Majority ($157,000) raised this year.

Contributions to Bluestem Fund PAC

Who gave money to the Bluestem Fund? Here are selected contributors:


Contributor City Comments
$50,000 Carpenters’ District Council of KC & Vicinity Kansas City, MO In late July 2008 this group sent $25,000 to the Kansas Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which used the money against Senator Mark Gilstrap;Sent $62,000 to Kansas Democrats in 2006.
$15,000 Archer Daniel Midland Company Decatur, IL According to Open Secrets, ADM historically has given more to Republican than Democrats, but in 2008 has given slightly more to Democrats than Republicans.
$10,000 David Christie Overland Park Sebelius contributor in 2004, but unclear why such a large contribution was given.
$10,000 DST Systems, Inc Kansas City, MO DST Systems president Thomas A McDonnell is also a huge Democratic Party contributor.
$10,000 Heavy Constructors PAC Kansas City,
Heavy Constructors report online in Missouri but “verified statements” filed in Kansas are hidden from the public
$10,000 Kansans for Lifesaving Cures Topeka -
$10,000 Life Science Fund of Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Kansas City, MO see Greater Kansas City Chamber PAC, Awash with Cash, Forms New PACs to “Buy” Kansas Elections
$10,000 Midwest Region Laborers’ Political League Springfield, IL Sent $50,000 to Kansas Democrats in 2006.
$10,000 Pamela Mullin Los Angeles, CA LA “homemaker” in 2006 sent $40,000 to Kansas Democrats in 2006; now “investor” in 2008;
$7,000 Seven companies at same address:

  • Washburn Lane Parkway Renovations LLC
  • Stewart Avenue Properties
  • Manwest, LLC
  • Manhattan, Co. LLC
  • Highpointe Apartments Co LC
  • First Mgmt, Inc dba The Bluffs
  • First Managment, Inc
PO Box 1797
$5,000 CWA-COPE PCC Washington, DC -
$5,000 KNEA PAC Topeka See Half million in unitemized contributions to KNEA PAC, Kansas Meadowlark, July 16, 2008;
Sent $45,500 to Kansas Democrats in 2006.
$5,000 BNSF Railway Company Fort Worth, TX -
$5,000 Sandstone Group, LLC Shawnee Address of Lyn Shaw and Dennis Langley;
Dennis Langley, South Dakota Democratic Committee/Kansas Democratic Party fundraiser
$2,000 Phil Ruffin Wichita gambling interest and huge political contributor: All told, Ruffin and his ring of influence spent at least $196,025 on Kansas campaigns over the last four years (2006)
$1,000 The Baughman Company San Francisco, CA In 2006 The Baughman Company received $259,348 from Kansans for Lifesaving Cures for political mailings.
$1,000 Joe Harkins Lawrence Appointed by Kathleen Sebelius to Kansas Corporation Commission
$1,000 Parris Communications, Inc Kansas City, MO Roshann Parris, President and CEO, spent a decade on the staff of former First Lady Hillary Clinton

Expenditures by Bluestem Fund PAC

The Bluestem Fund PAC spent over $70,000 on various expenditures, including:

  • $20,346 for “venue rental” with Epic Entertainment at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, MO
  • $15,000 for “research” to the Washington, DC firm Hamilton Campaigns
  • $10,800 to various Democratic candidates (see below).
  • $5,000 to the Sedgwick County Democratic Party (listed as “Kelly Johnston, contribution”)

The Bluestem Fund PAC gave to a number of Sebelius’ favorite Democratic Party candidates, including:

$1000 contribution

  • Patty Horgan for Senate, Pittsburg

$500 contribution

  • Kelly Kultala for Senate, Kansas City
  • Faust-Goudeau for Kansas Senate, Wichita
  • Lisa Benlon for Kansas House, Overland Park
  • Tony Brown for Kansas House, Baldwin City
  • Marci Francisco for Kansas Senate, Lawrence
  • Laura Kelly for Senate, Topeka
  • Hensely for Senate, Topeka
  • Greta Goodwin for Kansas Senate, Winfield
  • Janis Lee for Kansas Senate, Kensington
  • Terry McLachlan for Kansas House, Wichita
  • Mark Treaster for Kansas House, Pretty Prairie
  • Annie Tietze for State Rep, Topeka
  • Rick Guinn Committee for JoCo District Attorney, Overland Park

$250 contribution

  • Steve Lukert for State Rep, Sabetha
  • Menghini for State Rep, Pittsburg
  • Cindy Neighbor for State Rep, Shawnee
  • Annie Kuether for State Rep, Topeka
  • Judy Loganbill for Kansas House, Wichita
  • Ann Mah Campaign, Topeka
  • Josh Svaty for State Rep, Ellsworth
  • Sydney Carlin for State Rep, Manhattan
  • Ed Trimmer for State Rep, Winfield
  • Gene Rardin for State Rep, Overland Park

$100 contribution

  • Bob Grant for State Rep, Cherokee
  • Bill Feuerborn for Kansas House, Garnett
  • Marti Crow for State Rep, Leavenworth
  • Tom Hawk for State Rep, Manhattan
  • Raj for Kansas, Wichita
  • Jim Wad for State Rep, Wichita
  • Nile Dillmore for State Rep, Wichita
  • Tom Sawyer for Kansas, Wichita

Oddly, Sebelius’ Bluestem Fund PAC paid her Sebelius Committee $1771 for “staff services”, but that committee can hide what it’s doing until the Jan. 2009 campaign finance reports are filed.

Sebelius’ Committee filed no report in July 2008, but in its Jan 2008 report, Gov. Sebelius has plenty of cash:

  • $282,734 in contributions in 2007
  • $245,089 spent in 2007
  • $90,631 in the bank on Dec 31, 2007.

Kansas Democrats may be a controlling force in Kansas elections with all their money.

Sebelius controlled even more political money in 2007!

In 2007 Gov. Kathleen Sebelius was chair of the Democratic Governors’ Association (DGA). In the DGA’s IRS 8872 there are several huge contributors and expenditures in Kansas:

Kansas Contributors to DGA in 2007 included:

  • $15,000, INVISTA, Wichita
  • $35,803, Koch Industries, Wichita
  • $30,000, Management Resources Group, Shawnee
  • $20,375, NIC, Inc., Olathe

DGA Expenditures in 2007 related to Kansas:

  • $25,000 to Joyce Allegrucci (her former chief of staff and campaign manager), Topeka
  • $10,000 to Jeremy Anderson, KS Government Affairs Director, Lawrence
  • $30,900 to Kathleen K. Daughety, Topeka, for salary (daughter of State Senator Laura Kelly)

Who knows if the $42,900 spent by the DGA with Cooper Secrest for polling had any Kansas connection? [Kansas Democrats had paid Cooper Secrest to find that Kansans didn’t like coal.] The DGA had accpeted $27,369 from Chesapeake Energy Corp. in Oklahoma who also opposed coal power plants in Kansas.

While not a Kansas story, the DGA accepted:

  • $75,000 from Tim Gill, Denver, an LGBT activist
  • $25,000 from Google
  • $90,750 from Motorola, Arlington Hts, IL
  • $25,000 from Planned Parenthood Action Fund, New York
  • $100,000 SEIU PEA
  • $100,000 NEA Fund for Children Public Education
  • $100,570 WALMART, Bentonville, AR

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