This page will be updated with links to articles and video about Phill Kline’s attorney ethics hearings in Topeka, KS, scheduled from Feb. 21 through March 1. 



Attorney Discipline Hearing Room

Day 1, Monday, Feb. 21 



Day 2, Tuesday, Feb. 22 


Day 3, Wednesday, Feb. 23 

Day 4, Thursday, Feb. 24 

Phill Kline: Focus on protecting children, enforcing the law


Attorney ethics hearings are held in the "Insurance Building" near the Kansas Capitol

Day 5, Friday, Feb. 25 

Phill Kline discusses children victimized in Kansas

Phill Kline comments about CD leaked to Tiller’s attorney Dan Monnat

Phill Kline summarizes first week of attorney ethics hearing

Day 6, Monday, Feb. 28 

Kline upset with limited time for defense in attorney ethics matter

Comments about appearing on the O’Reilly Factor

Day 7, Tuesday, March 1 

Interference with Prosecution: Kline or Morrison?

Redacted Records, Legislative Subpoena

Mandamus Actions

Day 8, Wednesday, March 2 

Kline calls for recusals by Justices Beier and Nuss

Maria Holiday’s reflections on Kline attorney ethics hearings

Bob Awerkamp’s reflections on Kline attorney ethics hearings

Post Hearing Articles

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